BTech in Mineral Resource Management

University of Johannesburg


BTech in Mineral Resource Management

University of Johannesburg

After successful completion of the National Diploma, candidates may, subject to the applicable programme regulations, register for the Bachelor’s Degree in Technology (Baccalaureus Technologiae –BTech). The BTech requires a minimum of one year’s further study.

A BTech Degree in the relevant field of study will be conferred on candidates after successful completion of all theoretical requirements.

The qualified learner would:

  • Be competent in the effective and safe management of the surveying required to be done on a mine and the mineral reserve evaluation required for a mine.
  • Contribute to satisfy the need for suitably competent mine surveyors and mineral resource managers at middle and senior management in the mineral industry.
  • Be able to register with PLATO to register as a professional Mine Surveyor in training


Exit level outcomes:

The qualifying student should be competent to:

  1. Conduct and manage all the survey work that may be required on a mine.
  2. Minimise mineral losses by establishing a suitable ore flow control system with the necessary sampling and calculation of ore flow control factors.
  3. Manage the resources required for the normal running of a survey department on a mine.
  4. Conduct and manage the evaluation of the mineral reserve of an operating mine.

Admission Requirements and Selection Criteria

A National Diploma: Minerals Surveying, in conjunction with Regulation E.86.2, or an equivalent qualification of an equivalent standard.
Also, refer to Faculty Regulation EB3.

Conferment of the degree

The Baccalaureus Technologiae: Mineral Resource Management will be conferred on students who have completed all the prescribed modules successfully.

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二月 2019
1 年
南非 - 约翰内斯堡, 豪登省
开课日期 : 二月 2019
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二月 2019
南非 - 约翰内斯堡, 豪登省
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