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企业管理学士 (BBA)

校园课程 全日制 4 年 August 2018 中华人民共和国 上海

自1964年建校的那一天起,霍特国际商学院一直致力于打造最具应用性、最为全球化的商科教育,课程内容全部由商界精英设计,并由具备一线商业经验的世界级教学团队亲自授课。 [+]

2018 BBA 中华人民共和国 上海. At Hult, you will do more than learn the fundamentals of business and earn your Bachelor degree. You will learn to see the world differently. At Hult, our approach to academic learning is based on the knowledge that the leaders of tomorrow must have a global mindset and an entrepreneurial spirit. Our distinctive approach is designed to foster both, focusing on the study of business in an international, real-world context. This creates an exciting academic environment that will continually challenge and inspire you. What makes Hult unique The Bachelor program at Hult International Business School is unlike any other undergraduate degree you may be considering. By bringing together people, cultures, and innovative ideas from around the world, Hult provides you with a uniquely global and transformative educational experience. A multicultural perspective In this international, collaborative learning environment you will draw on the diverse backgrounds and experiences of your peers and learn to see the world through a truly global lens. Your global classmates Each year, Hult seeks to enroll a diverse incoming class from all over the world. On campus, you'll meet and collaborate with fellow students who have a wide range of experiences, perspectives, and interests. You recognize Hult students as soon as you meet them. They are passionate, curious, and determined. They are interesting and engaging. And they don't follow the crowd, because they are busy forging their own way. Although our students come from all over the world, they share the same DNA:... [-]